Propaganda Lesson Plans for PK-12 Teachers Illustration

Propaganda Lesson Plans


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Propaganda Techniques
Can YOU find the secret messages hidden in propaganda?
It's not as easy as you might think.
What is propaganda anyway?
Can propaganda be sound??

Lesson Plans & Resources

Read, Think, Write - Propaganda Techniques, 4 (four) 50-minute lessons

Persuasive Devices (teachers)

Advertising Techniques in Commercials

Did you get the message?
(grades 5-8)

The 30-Second Candidate Political Advertising (PBS)

Propaganda Techniques on hate sites online, lesson plan

Themes: Implied or Stated (look at the last slide - what does this imply?)

International Conflict & the Media UNIT

Convince Me! Lesson Plan (4-6)

Please say its so (lesson, Harris Middle School)

Propaganda (Redwood HS, links)

Persuasion Quest (types of propaganda, with handout)

World War II Propaganda

Propaganda & World War II (lesson)

The Political Dr Seuss - World War II Cartoons

World War II Propaganda

World War II Propaganda Posters (Northwestern Ed)

For Kids

Don't Buy It - Advertising Tricks (pbs)

Advertising - Be Careful What You Buy

Subliminal Messages

The Democracy Project

Propaganda Techniques


Free Presentations about Propaganda

Free Clip Art