Propaganda Lesson Plans for Teachers Illustration

Propaganda Lesson Plans for Teachers

For Kids: What is Propaganda? (Donn)

For Teachers: This was a very successful lesson plan Don and I designed for grades 6-12, structured for use in computer lab, to preface a unit on the use of propaganda techniques in advertising, media, politics, and warfare. These are examples of real propaganda materials that Don picked up off the ground during Desert Storm/Desert Shield 1990. Source: United States. Author: U.S. Armies Department of Psychological Warfare. Target: U.S. military personnel in Saudi Arabia and their families at home. Distribution: Air dropped, Freely distributed to U.S. troops. Time needed to teach lesson: 50-55 minutes. This lesson is now in the web archive. Feel free to use it in your classroom. You can find it here: Propaganda Techniques

Teacher Guide - Propaganda, What's the Message (1-2 class periods)

Mind Over Media - lesson plans and handouts

Read, Think, Write - Propaganda Techniques, 4 (four) 50-minute lessons

Free Presentations about Propaganda

World War I Propaganda

World War I Propaganda Posters

World War II Propaganda

Propaganda Posters used during WW2, home front, USA

The Political Dr. Seuss - World War II Cartoons

World War II Propaganda